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Oak Creek Action Alert



The Coconino National Forest has proposed several actions for their Oak Creek Watershed Restoration Project (Project Info). We need to submit comments advocating a pro-climber stance. Of the nine proposed actions the only one directly affecting climbing access is the informal roadside parking plan. They are looking to close some of the parking pull-offs alongside 89a in Oak Creek Canyon between Sedona and the bottom of the switchbacks (Pumphouse Wash). Many of these pull-offs are vital for climbing access.

The Forest Service is accepting public comments on this proposal now until JANUARY 22nd . It is important for climbers to submit comments advocating for leaving important pull-offs opne, not only to influence eventual decisions, but so we can continue to have a place at the negotiating table as this process moves forward. This is currently a preliminary proposal but we need to make our voices heard from the start!

Comments can be submitted by email to

The NAZCC has identified several roadside pull-offs climbers use and that we do not want to be closed. Please include these in your comment (feel free to copy and paste this list):

  • Pumphouse Wash 35.024332, -111.736122
  • West Fork after hours 34.990631, -111.736539 to 34.989199, -111.738326
  • Odyssey Wall 34.939112, -111.749051
  • Sterling Pass 34.936591, -111.747069
  • The Waterfall 34.927263, -111.734537
  • Casner Canyon / Muscle Beach 34.892884, -111.733532 and 34.893787, -111.732854
  • Anvils 34.874903, -111.755252 and 34.874521, -111.755478

We also recommend commenting that the roadside parking that is used for access to the West Fork Trail is important for climbers because we are often coming and going early and late in the day when the gate to the official parking area is closed.

Also, please include that you are a climber and that these pull-offs remaining open for parking is important for climbing access.

Thank you in advance for submitting a comment by the end of the day 1/22 and for being a part of what makes our climbing community so great!