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About The NAZCC

Our Mission

The NAzCC is an advocacy group dedicated to preserving public access and promoting stewardship of climbing resources throughout Northern Arizona

Our Values

Encouraging responsible environmental stewardship and safe climbing practices

Building relationships with local land managers

Engaging and celebrating both new and long-time members of the climbing community

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The NAZCC believes that justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) are central to our mission of preserving public access and promoting stewardship of climbing resources in Northern Arizona. We are striving to continually develop our understanding of these issues and their implementation for a more inclusive community.

The NAZCC believes all people should have the opportunity to recreate in the natural landscapes in our region, and is committed to creating a space that welcomes and amplifies the voices of climbers who have historically been marginalized or underrepresented. The NAZCC does not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind. In our commitment, we welcome feedback on how we can better serve the community and align with these values.

Land Acknowledgment

The Northern Arizona Climbing Coalition respects and acknowledges the indigenous land upon which we recreate. We honor indigenous communities, who originally and currently steward the land, as well as their legacies, traditions, and continued contributions. Tribal lands currently cover more than 31,000 square miles in this region and are home to the Navajo, Hopi, Havasupai, Kaibab-Paiute, Yavapai, Hualapai, and many other indigenous peoples. The NAZCC recognizes that our work does not end with land acknowledgement–our relationships with tribal members and communities must be built on mutual trust, respect, and collaboration. We are committed to growing our own understanding of indigenous lands and, as opportunities arise and as invited, the NAZCC will work with Native communities and Tribal governments to support planning related to climbing on tribal lands in Northern Arizona.

The NAZCC Board

Neha Khurana
NAZCC President

Neha (she/hers) is based in Flagstaff, AZ and feels deeply connected to the landscapes of Arizona. She has worked in outdoor education, nonprofit management, and most recently as a grassroots community organizer. Her favorite Arizona crags are Granite Mountain and the Waterfall, although she enjoys all styles of climbing. Neha is excited to grow a more inclusive community that welcomes folks to connect and steward our climbing areas.

Jonathan Foster
NAZCC Treasurer

Jonathan (he/him) is originally from Georgia. After cutting his teeth on the boulders and trad routes of western North Carolina, he moved west and lived in Utah for 14 years before recently moving to the Flagstaff area. He enjoys all types of climbing and is excited to join North Arizona’s vibrant climbing community and help contribute to the stewardship of it’s amazing climbing resources.

Sarah Holditch
Board Member

Once upon a time I was an NAU Climbing Club kid with a whole block of chalk in my bag… Upon discovering this wild passtime and community of vibrant, deeply passionate individuals, I became ingrained. Working at Flagstaff Climbing over the years has only fortified my passion for the community that exists in Northern Arizona. I am very excited to finally officially be a part of the NAZCC and to help foster a strong, supportive, and inclusive community that cares about our local crags just as much as we care about each other and nurtures the places that nurture us.

Blake McCord
Board Member

Blake (he/him) learned to climb in Northern Arizona and is inspired by the incredible landscapes, people, and community he’s found here. A photographer, route developer, and climber, Blake’s excited to be part of the NAzCC’s work to build a sustainable Northern Arizona climbing community and to protect and preserve our amazing climbing areas.

Mike Vaughn
Board Member

Mike Vaughn has been grappling rocks in Arizona since 1992.   He is a 17 year Flagstaff resident, wildland firefighter, environmental advocate, and international stone connoisseur.  Favorite activities include long climbs on the beach and pondering access issues with the NAZCC.

Tahany Huerta
Board Member

Tahany (she/her) is originally from San Diego, CA, where she initially started gym bouldering due to the encouragement of her older brother and best friend, Mark. From there started the long journey of exploring outdoor climbing! She mainly adores bouldering and sport climbing but trad climbs on occasion with her husband Brent. Tahany is excited to focus on fundraising for the NAZCC, broadening the idea of inclusivity within the climbing community, and working on local partnerships to help protect access to the beautiful areas surrounding northern Arizona.

Dylan Prater
Board Member

My name is Dylan Prater, and my wife, Chelsea, and I have lived in Flagstaff for about three years. We were living out of our Chevy Astrovan with our two dogs, traveling the country climbing and looking for a new place to call home. Flagstaff wasn’t even on our radar, but we discovered an amazing community, rich Southwest history, and the potential for all kinds of outdoor recreation right out the back door. I took a job with Mother Road Brewing Company, and I am the General Manager of the Hospitality Department. 

I have been climbing for about 12 years now, and enjoy all styles. I am extremely stoked on Northern Arizona because it offers all of those styles, and the ability to do so on different types of rock. My passion for climbing stems from growing up in the outdoors, and a love for them. I obtained my not-so-used undergraduate degree in Environmental Science with a Geology concentration due to my passion for nature.

As climbers, I believe it is our responsibility to be stewards of the environment and our community. I am excited to use my position as Board Member as a means to better protect the places we use and love, and to create mutual, lasting relationships with the entities and peoples that we share them with.