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NAZCC Anchor Replacement Initiative

What is the Anchor Replacement Initiative (ARI) ?

The NAZCC’s Anchor Replacement Initiative started in November of 2019 to address the growing issue of aging and inadequate fixed hardware on routes in Northern Arizona. The mission of the ARI is to improve the quality, reliability and sustainability of routes and fixed hardware throughout Northern Arizona.

How can I help?

#1 DONATE : Re-bolting is expensive, your typical sport route would cost between $70-100+ to rebolt just in hardware costs. This means the the financial support of the community is critical. Click here to donate. Thanks!

#2 SPREAD THE WORD : We need your help to get the word out to the community. Let your friends and climbing friendly businesses know about the NAZCC Anchor Replacement Initiative and encourage them to donate.

#3 GET INVOLVED : The NAZCC is always looking for motivated people to help with the backbreaking grunt work of replacing bolts at our crags. Want to help us out? Let us know via email at

#4 REPORT BAD HARDWARE : Encountered a bad bolt or worn out hardware in NAZ? Fill out this form to let us know and we will work to replace it.

ARI Stats

Since its inception in late 2019, the Anchor Replacement Initiative has

78 Routes Rebolted


Mussy Hook Anchor sets placed
406 Bolts Replaced

Report a Bad Bolt

Encountered a bad bolt or worn out hardware on a route in NAz? Fill out the form below to lets us know!

What crag. formation, etc is the route on
We may need to contact you for more information