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NAz 2024 Bird Closures

The Pit
Nose Rock, Shooting Gallery, Bedrock, Pulse Roof, and “Shock Treatment” route on White Wall are all closed for Mexican Spotted Owl nesting from March 1st until August 31st, unless lifted sooner.

“Total Recall,” “Fruit Bowl,” and “No Joke” will be closed for nesting Peregrine Falcons from April 1st until August 31st, unless lifted sooner

Peaks Crag
All routes left of Shaman School closed for Peregrine Falcons from April 1-August 31st, unless lifted sooner

Volunteer Canyon
“Drop the Hammer” on Memorial Wall from April 1st-August 31st for Peregrine Falcons, unless lifted sooner

Paradise Forks
Wild Wall is closed due to Mexican Spotted Owls from April 1st-August 31st, unless lifted sooner