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Anchor Replacement Initiative

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The NAZCC is currently raising funds to start an Anchor Replacement Initiative and we need you help to make it a reality! Many of the routes in Northern Arizona have hardware that is 20+ years old and these old bolts pose a danger to the safety of our climbers as they are rusted and corroded and/or of insufficient strength for climbing. Many other climbing communities have started to address this issue by organizing Anchor Replacement Initiatives to replace their aging hardware with modern stainless bolts. The NAZCC is working to create a similar initiative and we need the support of the community to make it happen. Want to know how can you help? Check out these three steps.

#1 DONATE : Re-bolting is expensive, your typical sport route would cost between $70-100+ to rebolt just in hardware costs. This means the the financial support of the community is critical. Additionally we must purchase liability insurance to cover the NAZCC, this cost $1000/year. Our current fundraising goal is $2000, this will allow us to replace around 20-25 routes this year; should we raise more than this we will be able to replace even more mank hardware! Just follow the donate link at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

#2 SPREAD THE WORD : We need your help to get the word out to the community. Let your friends and climbing friendly businesses know about the NAZCC Anchor Replacement Initiative and encourage them to donate.

#3 GET INVOLVED : The NAZCC is always looking for individuals help run the organization. Additionally we will need motivated people to help with the backbreaking grunt work of replacing bolts at our crags. Want to be a board member, help us fundraise or want to physically get on the wall and replace bolts? Let us know via email at